Curbing my seed frenzy


There is nothing more exciting than the start of the growing season, or rather the planning and preparation that goes into it.

At this time of the year the gardening magazines are all bursting with seed offers and to be honest they are a good deal considering that a pack of seeds cost from €1.5-3 each. I always fall for this marketing trick, but it does provide me with all the basic seeds I need.

Then I spend hours trawling seed sites online and happy times in the garden centres’ seed shelves, always ending up with a substantial stash of seeds. I will admit it, I may need help as I am a bit of a seed hoarder. As a dedicated gardener, you will always feel you just don’t have enough garden space or time for all your garden dreams.


I have a good few planting dreams this year:

  1. A black or dark purple tomato
  2. Calendula flowers, to be able to do my own hand cream
  3. Romanesco cauliflower
  4. Plenty of the fabulous summer squash Rolet
  5. A tasty pumpkin, which I have never grown before
  6. Ginger, just to give a go.

Every year, I promise myself to curb my seed frenzy at the start of the year. Another promise is make the most of our garden and tunnel, and to really use the space and do a detailed plan. Often life gets in the way, and while I get plenty of produce, I am always left with the feeling that I could have got more.

This year I have tackled the problem head on and I am more organised than ever. I have created a detail design of my polytunnel planting on, a garden design website. On a garden layout, you can add the plants you want, it gives you the spacing, counts the number of plants you need and gives you a detailed list of when to start planting. Very handy and I will be dealing with my seed hoarding in a controlled way. I will try not to buy anything outside my planned list.


This year’s garden design for the polytunnel.

My planting plan includes everything from cucumbers, squash, kale, sweet corn, aubergine, sprouting broccoli, lettuces, chilies, carrots, courgettes to peppers, and so much more…

If you are lucky to be a guest of our holiday home, Casa Ceoil, we will provide both a tour of the gardens and polytunnel, and sampling of the veg that we grow. There is nothing that can be compared to a home grown cherry tomato.

This year will be the year of plenty. I just know it.

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