Living the dream

As everything, it all started with an idea, a vague vision of the future and an abundance of hope and optimism, which probably seemed like slight case of insanity to many. What once was a rundown cottage and some rough land, has slowly become a place that captures all our

Don’t think that we are by any means done yet! There are plenty of new challenges and ideas to realise. We are often asked “When do you think you will be finished?”. Ever a person with projects to finish, Kevin most often answers “A few weeks will make a lot of difference to the place” and my more straight forward answer is often “Never”.

This blog will let you follow a few of the additional projects we constantly work on, but also the day to day life in our small farmstead and events in the area. While not truly a working farm, we do all the farm activities of a larger commercial farm, just in smaller doses.

We are also passionate about Irish trad music, gardening, home-made crafts, diy, cooking, travelling and so much more.

We currently have a small flock of 11 sheep, 5 bullocks, 3 cows in calf, a pony on loan  and our lovely dog Bella. We also have a large polytunnel and an outdoor vegetable garden. Visitors to our holiday home, Casa Ceoil, will always be welcome to participate in any of the activities around the farm.

This time of year is quiet; there is preparation to do and projects to plan for. Will there be chickens before Easter? Will we have bees this spring? What vegetables will we be planting? When will the lambing and calving start?

Originally a city person, I am always astounded at the amount of work required of country life. There is seldom a dull moment and there are always things to start, to fix and to finish. We are now moving from the quiet time into the busiest time of the year, and we can’t wait.